Ibajay's special and unique way of celebrating the feast of Sr. Sto. Niño beckons devotees, pilgrims and tourists to come to Ibajay to witness to themselves the reality of the affair.  Every year the celebration holds different meanings, different experiences, different revelation to each and every celebrant. 

The Ati-ati Festival 2006 is the main feature of the Fiesta.  The opening salvo of this year's celebration falls on January 16, 2006 - Monday, was the Parade and Mass Demonstration in the morning.  It was participated by the Barangay Captains, Heads of Different Agencies both Municipal and National, the DepEd and Grades V & VI pupils of big Elementary Schools who performed the Mass Demonstration.  The dance demos mostly depicted the lives of Filipinos, their livelihood, culture and traditions.  This affair was sponsored by the Ibajay Tourism Committee under the leadership of Hon. Plaridel M. Solidum.
In the evening was the Grand Finals of "Kasayahan sa Plaza" amateur singing contest and a group dance competition which started last November 21, 2005.
January 17, 2005 - Tuesday - this is the second year's search for Mr & Miss Tourism.  The coveted title of Mr. Tourism 2006 was Francis Maagma, the son of Barangay Capt. Salvador S. Maagma & Mrs. Leoniza Maagma of Maloco Ibajay while the title of Miss Tourism 2006 was won by Miss Ma. Angelie Sales of Poblacion, Ibajay Aklan.  Ma. Angelie is the daughter of Mrs. Charito Diaz Sales.
January 18, 2006 - Wednesday.
On its second year, Ibajay Central School Alumni Association with their prexy Joe Sallador, sponsored again the affair held at Gavino Solidum Park.  Two bands alternately provided music for the night.  The affair was highlighted by the presence of guest from movies and television. Alumni coming from other places, successful, wealthy, popular, added glitter to the night.  What a reunion!
January 19, 2006 - Thursday
Speaking of reunion, Ibajay Academy night was sponsored by Batch '56 who are the Golden Jubilarians.  This Batch were composed of Judge Ceasar Santamaria, Atty,. Milagros Solidum Caparas, Mrs. Vivian Solidum Kapiz, Ms. Dion Tirol of California, Mrs. Wilsie Silva Plunkett of Hawaii, Mrs. Prima Silva Constantingol of Kalibo, Mrs. Evelyn Cosbing Paez of Bacolod, Mr. Delano Galimpin of Manila, and Mr. Pedro A. Conanan of Seattle.  It was the biggest, jolliest, sweetest reunion ever celebrated in Ibajay Academy.  Mr. IA Alumni was Judge Ceasar Santamaria and Ms. IA Alumni was Diva Lirol.
January 20, 2006 - Friday
The traditional Municipal Day was opened by a parade.  All agencies, Government officials, School Populace, all organizations, Mr & Miss Tourism, Miss Ibajay 2006, Drum & Lyre Corps, Band Majorette, Guest & Visitors publicly displayed their gaity as they parade around Ibajay with their pride and honor of their being an Ibahaynons.  The parade concluded in a Municipal Program held at the Gavino Solidum Park.  Guesting the affair was PC 2NSP Arnold Peralta Ardiente, Chief of Police of Kalibo.  PC INSP Ardiente was indeed liberal with his speech knowing that he is talking to his fellow Ibahaynons.  He is one gem of Ibajay, and we must be proud of him.
January 21, 2006 - Saturday
The breathtaking transfer of the Holy Image of Sr. Sto. Nino de Ibajay from Catholic Rectory for Enthronment at the St. Peter Parish church headed by the Parish Priest, Pastoral Council, Municipal Official, Devotees and the "Sayaw" of the Caizo Clan.
In the evening is the Coronation of the Festival Queen - Miss Ibajay 2006.  the motif of the coronation is a fairy tale blending with the likes and fancy of the queen.  Her Majesty Margarita Victoria Taploc Santamaria, is an Alice in Wonderland and she is the daughter of Vice Mayor Nelson Santamaria and Adorie Taplac Santamaria.

Fireworks of different colors and design adorned the skies.  It lasted for half an hour but the people was more excited to see Senator Ramon Revilla as the Coronation Speaker, but we were dismayed when he did not show up.  Instead, his son Jolo Revilla stand to represent his father who can't come because of an emergency message from Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.


            January22, 2006 - Sunday
            This is the Feast Day, the parade of floats and ati-ati groups coming from participating barangay.  Bugtong bato rank 1st place in their float exhibiting a big hammer whale and small lfishes scampering for life from the whale's big mouth.  Aquino's float was adorned with seafood crustaceans and seaweeds.  Laguinbanwa stood out with their one bunch of saba banana; very realistic.  It won second place.  Bagacay's float carried a pineapple fruit which is also eye catching.           
            Among the ati-ati group, Naisod bagged first place.
            The float and ati-ati group, in order to gain points, should go with the procession at the end of the day.
            The celebration ended with the awarding of prizes in the evening. 
            Santo Niño Fiesta come and go but the miracles left in may individual heart and soul will be a personal testimony of how good and gracious our God is.

Written by:

Mrs. Diva S. Agustin

Barangay Captain

Capilijan, Ibajay, Aklan